CPV Power Plant

Footage by TriStates Unite for Safe Energy Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) has built a 650MW power plant in the Town of Wawayanda on a 122 acre site, which  includes: two 275ft smokestacks, electrical interconnects, a near million gallon diesel tank, a 15,000 gallon ammonia tank, a GIS building, and a 7 mile lateral pipeline that will connect to the Millennium Pipeline in Minisink ‐‐ all highly volatile and toxic facilities prone to leaks and explosions. They have now started attempting to … >>>CPV Power Plant

Environmental Injustice at CPV

https://cpv-counter-mapping.github.io/PEJA_comparison/ This interactive slider compares the original 2000 census Environmental Justice tracts (green) used to site the project (black) to the real increase in 2014 Environmental Justice tracts (red). CPV was permitted using 14 year old data, which puts many families at severe risk. Public testimony given to NYDEC on August 3, 2017 by Patricia McMillan Read more here.

VLC Farmland Impacts

Testimony from NYSDEC, August 3, 2017: Millennium’s VLC proposal includes 3 important components: 1. The MAJORITY of the Preferred Alternative route would intersect with Orange County’s, agricultural district – historical, prime agricultural land that cannot be replaced. 2. The MAJORITY of the Preferred Alternative route would be in ACTIVE, PRIME agricultural soils. The EA estimated this impact to be 71 acres , though independent analysis indicates this is closer to 96 acres at approximately 4 miles of the alignment. 3. … >>>VLC Farmland Impacts

VLC wetlands impact

Testimony from NYDEC hearings, August 3, 2017 Our community has long been in opposition to Millennium’s related project, the Eastern Standard Upgrade. Tonight I will address the significant water impacts for the Valley Lateral Connect preferred route, detailed in section 2 of the EA. This plan  entails 19 waterbody crossings and 2 waterbodies of special concern. That is a total of 23 wetlands that would intersect with a fracked gas pipeline. These recharging aquifers provide the valuable water for Orange County’s … >>>VLC wetlands impact