21 Reasons (why “natural gas” stinks)

Shale gas infrastructure has taken on epic dimensions across the US within the last 15 years. What are the impacts? Because information about this infrastructure is scattered, technical and boring, we created a series of visual arguments, based on current scientific findings.

Cited Sources:
(studies based on scientific method, not industry PR)

#1: Gas makes global warming worse. 

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#2: Two thirds of so-called “natural gas” comes from fracking.

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#3: Groundwater contamination affects homeowners, farms and wildlife. 

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#4: Fracking isn’t regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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#5: Drilling wastewater is often left in above-ground pits, which leak.

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#6: The entire shale gas delivery infrastructure leaks methane.

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#7: Compressor stations emit tons of CO2 every year. 

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#8: These emissions also contain tons of hazardous air pollutants.

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#9: Compressor stations regularly have “blowdowns”.

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#10: Forests are cut down for new gas infrastructure. 

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#11: Gas pipelines endanger wildlife through habitat destruction. 

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#12: Private property can be seized by the government for a pipeline.

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#13: Gas development de-stabilizes land.

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#14: Pipelines regularly leak and explode.

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#15: Dark money for fossil fuel profits ensures little oversight of the industry.

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#16: Pipeline developments are gigs, not jobs.

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#17: Communities of color are disproportionately impacted. 

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#18: Fracked gas is sent overseas to make cheap plastics.

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#19: The gas industry depends on government welfare.

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#20: The gas industry has a lower tax rate than you do.

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#21: Gas is not a renewable source of energy. 

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Visualizing Pipeline Impacts





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